About Me

Picture of Wally I am a web developer in Ontario, Canada. I currently work at a startup called Wattpad in Toronto as a front-end developer.  I have been building websites for nearly 15 years and more modern ‘web applications’ for the past 8 years. I have lots of experience both with front-end and back-end technologies, specifically with PHP and Javascript.  Really, if you’re looking for my resume, feel free to check it out over here.

Like many developers, I experiment with tons of different technologies when I can find the time.  My current experiments tend to involve the Yii Framework, automated testing or iPhone development.  They’re quite different technologies but I find myself learning a ton from playing with different things.

For hobbies, I indoor rock climb frequently with friends at Climbers Rock in Burlington.  I also enjoy photography, travelling (who doesn’t?) and grilling a good steak, oh, and beer (nothing like saving the best for last!).

I put this site together because when I was getting started as a developer I never really had anybody to reassure me that what I was doing made sense. I’m by no means an expert at what I do, but I have learned some things that have made my life as a developer much easier.

Hopefully you’ll find something useful here, feel free to call me out through the comments if I’ve messed something up, that’s why they’re turned on!


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