Category: Programming

  • I just shipped a single-page application without any frameworks and I feel fine

    This past week I built a tool for a freelance client’s website that allows their visitors to find the nearest dealer for their products. The previous version of this tool was written in Classic ASP (which I also maintained) and pulled its data from an MS Excel spreadsheet. Yes, you read that right, an Excel […]

  • Looking forward to 2014 (late post)

    Oops! I wrote this back in December but somehow forgot to post it. It’s a bit late, but I think it still has value. Early this year I put up my list of developer goals for 2013. Here’s a quick summary: Learn Git I’ve been using Git exclusively for source control for 10 months at […]

  • It’s not your employer’s job to keep you at the top of your game

    This past weekend I attended the TrueNorth PHP conference, hosted by the GTA PHP user group. It’s the second year that the event has been held and I attended last year as well. Based on my experience it’s a great event, and the only PHP focused conference that takes place in the Toronto area. As […]

  • My ToDos for 2013 (or resolutions, if you’re into that)

    I like having a roadmap, it’s a great way to focus your mind towards a goal.  Personally I find that it’s also a great way to practice brainstorming, scope management, estimation and execution.  So, here’s my list of developer type things that I plan to achieve in 2013. learn git I’ve used both Subversion (SVN) […]

  • Temporary Burnout…

    For two weeks recently I suffered from a significant lack of sleep. All of it completely self imposed by projects I decided to take on. As I sat there about to go to bed at a normal time (11pm) for the first time in weeks, I took note of some of the side-effects I’ve noticed […]