Category: Programming

  • I Just Test-Drove My First Development

    I’ve been hearing about the benefits of Test Driven Development (TDD) for awhile now, but have never taken the time to try it out with any of my own work. That was until this past week. The code that I work in with my job doesn’t really lend itself to TDD simply because it’s all […]

  • After 10,000 of software development

    At some point in recent history I hit a milestone and didn’t even realize it. It wasn’t a certain birthday (although next year is the big 3-0) or a 6 figure salary (sadly), but something a little more practical. The milestone I passed was 10,000 hours as a professional software developer. According to some it […]

  • Don’t Forget to Ask Why

    As programmers we are constantly  worrying about the ‘hows’ of things. How am I going to make this function faster? How can I write this query without joining 16 tables? More often than not though, when writing code we forget to ask the really important question, WHY?  We take instructions from our clients and users […]

  • Diving into iPhone development

    After many long months of decision making and cash saving, I have finally decided to dive head first into the wonderfully complicated world of iPhone application development. It is something that I’ve had in the back of my mind since I first got my iPhone almost a year ago, but at the time with my […]

  • Does anybody need a monitor?

    UPDATE: As of this Sunday, March 15th, this monitor will be visiting a recycling centre.  If you are interested in taking it off my hands and can pick it up, it’s yours!  Just let me know! I realize that I currently only receive about 5 hits a day to this page and that is my […]