Does anybody need a monitor?

UPDATE: As of this Sunday, March 15th, this monitor will be visiting a recycling centre.  If you are interested in taking it off my hands and can pick it up, it’s yoursJust let me know!

I realize that I currently only receive about 5 hits a day to this page and that is my own damned fault since it has been nearly a year between this post and the one below it.  However I’m still going to go out on a limb and mention that I have a CRT monitor in my office that I am simply getting tired of looking at, does anybody want it?

Here’s the details:

Model NEC MultiSync Fe950+
Max resolution 1600×1200 @ 76Hz
Viewable size 18 inches
Size 44.2cm(w) x 44.8cm(h) x 44.4cm(d)
Extras OptiClear technology
Anti-static dark-tint screen

I managed to find a link to a review over at PCWorld.  They mention that it is a great display for graphics work, which I can’t argue with, this is an awesome screen.


I’m looking to find a home for this screen since it is still in great working condition.  I’m asking for $100 but I’ll accept any reasonable offers.  I have recently seen this same screen listed for $130 on Ebay.  I don’t want to ship it so I’m looking for somebody that would be able to meet to pick it up in the Burlington – Oakville Ontario region.

If you’re interested please let me know at  If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the comments, that way everybody can benefit from them.

As for the rest of the stuff on this site, I have plans, check back soon and you might be surprised.


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