Free Webcasts for .Net Developers: Soup to Nuts

For the last couple of weeks I have been following along with the Soup to Nuts series of Webcasts that are available for free from Microsoft (.net passport required).  Before watching these webcasts I thought I knew what I was doing with .Net and had been considering going out and taking the certification exams.  They taught me that there are a lot smarter ways of doing things within .Net that are less error-prone and require much less work to get going.  I have learned a tremendous amount about ADO.Net data access especially and creating abstracted data access routines for less code coupling.  There are 13 different lessons in the series with each one being roughly an hour and a half in length. 

I have learned so much about .Net development through these tutorials that I want to go back to my old projects and redo them with the knowledge that I have now, I know it would be a tremendous improvement in readability, elegance and performance.  So, needless to say, if you’re interested in .Net programming and want to learn something you probably didn’t know before I strongly recommend that you check out this series at the following URL:

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