Getting into the Swing of Things

After two full weeks at the new job I’m finally starting to feel like a real developer. I’m being assigned full projects that will have an immediate impact on our current and potential customers. It’s all actually quite exciting and motivating to see features that I build being used live on the web by our customers.

Ok, ok, I know you’ve been asking, the company I am now working for is called GrantStream and we provide web based grant management solutions for corporations. We’ve got an amazing customer list (that I will not list due to contractual agreements) and the people that I work with are very good and helpful. In the past week I’ve prepared an instance of our application for one of the largest companies in North America as well as upgrading the features for many of our other customers.

The drive is a little longer, about 30 minutes down New Street all the way out to Oakville, but I figure I was pretty spoiled with my 12km drive when I was at Steelcar anyway. The office has nice big, bright windows near every desk and the coffee flows all day long. Overall it’s just a comfortable place to work.

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