I’ve Moved to a New Host

After a year of nearly constant frustration with my previous web hosting company I have decided to switch. If you are seeing this page that means that the DNS updates are nearly complete.

You may also notice that the site is a bit different, during the host migration I decided to switch from PostNuke to WordPress since most of what I do is blogging anyway and PostNuke seems to have fallen quite a bit away from the competition on that front.

I’ve migrated most of the stories that actually mattered from the old site, and there will be plenty more to come in the near future.

Check back soon for much more frequent updates.



It’s about time this site got some action. I check back almost daily but I kept seeing the AJAX story. Thought maybe you were too busy to update your site… it’s nice to see you’re back…

Hey Don,

I know, it’s definitely been a long time coming, I was getting so frustrated with my old platform (PostNuke) that I never bothered to post anything. Now that I’m on WordPress it’s much easier and more flexible which should help me with being more active. Thanks for stopping by!



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