Looks like I might be getting back into web development

Well, it’s been a couple year hiatus, but it looks like I might be getting back into the world of web site development/design. The potential opportunity was presented by a buddy of mine who’s employer suddenly needs a bunch of web stuff done. The last time I did professional web development was right in the middle of the dot-com boom of the late 90’s where most web content was still static and mouse rollovers were the sign of a talented developer.

If I do end up going ahead with the project things will definitely be different with this go around. I’ve learned tons about back-end web programming in PHP and ASP.Net with all sorts of database systems. More recently I’ve gotten into XML and RSS Feed generation (all for a Top Secret app I’m building) which has shown some really cool abilities. Now that web development is more of a programming function than simple graphic design I am actually looking forward to getting back into the game again. There’s so many cool things that can be done in the web environment right, even the PostNuke system that runs power-coder.net does some cool things that I have really been able to learn from.

I’ll probably be doing most of the work in Dreamweaver for page layouts, then the PHP work will most likely be done in VI. It’s so much nicer to do the backend programming directly on the server instead of writing locally and FTPing up with every change (which is irritating as hell).

So, wish me luck, I’ll definitely be posting links to anything I create here for you all to see (and to send some traffic to my new clients). I have also recently posted links to some samples of my previous work in the Web Links/Sample Sites section.

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