One week down, many more to go!

So, I’ve been a full-time developer for a whole week now and I have to say I have really enjoyed the experience so far. It’s been pretty intimidating, I’ve had code running in production systems since my second day. There’s no safety net either, almost all code changes are done on live sites so I have to be very careful that I know what I’m doing before I hit the magic ‘Save’ button.

It’s funny how it works though, now that I am doing PHP at work I find myself much more interested in my home PHP projects as well. I’ve re-vitalized two seperate projects that I had sorta started but never really got anywhere. I just have to be careful not to use any of the proprietary technology that I’ve come into contact with in my new job. Shouldn’t be a huge problem though since my projects are quite different.

I can’t say too much else about the new job just yet, but soon I’ll be able to deliver the full scoop.

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