(UPDATED: Now Available!) Damned ClickOnce deployment!

I know I said that I would have the PHP timeTracker client application available late last week, but I’m having a hell of a time getting my app to build using ClickOnce. Each time I run the generated setup.exe file the installer crashes. I’ve been trying to work through it but simply cannot discover what it is that I am doing wrong.

When I build the app in debug mode it works fine, but when I packaged it for release the exe refuses to run. It’s not like I’m doing rocket science here, it’s a very simple app with two embedded icon files. If anybody out there knows of something I might be overlooking please let me know.

Once I’ve got this problem fixed I will make the app available.

[UPDATE: 2006/03/23] – I have fixed the deployment problem by removing some icon resources that weren’t set up properly during my first attempt. When you sign in to PHP time tracker you will now see a ‘Get Client’ option under the Functions menu that will take you to the installer page.

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