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  • The Value of Getting your Hands Dirty

    The Value of Getting your Hands Dirty

    As software developers we spend an inordinate amount of time both indoors and staring at glowing panes of glass while sitting firmly on our butts. Today I’m here to tell you to get off your ass! I’ve never been afraid of getting outside or digging in to some physical work. Though often in talking to […]

  • What? It’s only been two years…

    Scroll down to see this blog’s shame. It’s been over 2 years since the last time that I’ve posted anything here. Now, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been writing during that time. In fact, I’ve probably written more in the past 2 years than at most other times in my professional life. I just […]

  • Looking forward to 2014 (late post)

    Oops! I wrote this back in December but somehow forgot to post it. It’s a bit late, but I think it still has value. Early this year I put up my list of developer goals for 2013. Here’s a quick summary: Learn Git I’ve been using Git exclusively for source control for 10 months at […]

  • It’s not your employer’s job to keep you at the top of your game

    This past weekend I attended the TrueNorth PHP conference, hosted by the GTA PHP user group. It’s the second year that the event has been held and I attended last year as well. Based on my experience it’s a great event, and the only PHP focused conference that takes place in the Toronto area. As […]

  • My Core Values

    The idea behind core values is that it’s a set of principles that guide your actions, your decisions and how you interact with others.  It’s not a new concept, although I’m pretty sure that I  heard about it most recently on the Entreleadership podcast (one that was just recently added to my list).  I spent […]